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Tilde Terminal Toolkit


The libt3widget library provides a C++ dialog toolkit. It provides objects for dialogs and widgets like buttons, text fields, check boxes etc., to facilitate easy construction of dialog based programs for Un*x terminals.


libt3widget version 1.2.0 released

This release changes the selection of binary attributes to make the distinction between explicitly unset and fallback from base attribute. This requires libt3window version 0.4.0 or later.


libt3widget version 1.1.1 released

This release fixes a bug which makes Tilde crash on start up, due to incorrect initialization of the edit_window_t::behavior_parameters_t from a edit_window_t::view_parameters_t.


libt3widget version 1.1.0 released

This release provides several new features and bug fixes, among which:

  • Pressing ctrl+backspace will delete the previous word,
  • Extra navigation keys (+/- and arrows) for expander widgets.
  • Checkboxes can now have a third, indeterminate, state.
  • Frame resizing correctly redraws the frame.
    • See the Changelog file for all the updates.



      The documentation for libt3widget can be generated using doxygen, using the doxygen.conf file in the source package. Documentation for the latest version can also be found here.


      The source for libt3widget is available here (signature). Older releases are available here. All releases are signed with the GPG key for (0x5A22F7B45F39DE51).

      libt3widget requires GNU libtool and a C++ compiler to be compiled. Furthermore, it requires libpcre, libtranscript, libt3key, libt3window, and libunistring. If XCB is available, as well as either dlopen/dlsym/dlclose or libtool's libltdl, the X11 integration module can be built. When GPM is available, it will be used to provide mouse support on the Linux console.

      Binary packages for libt3widget are available from the Tilde repositories.


      You can reach me at: libt3widget @ REMOVE

      Copyright Notice

      Copyright © 2011-2019 G.P. Halkes
      libt3widget is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3.