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The libt3config library provides functions for reading and writing simple structured configuration files. libt3config provides the following features:

  • Simple structured syntax.
  • Simple API for reading and manipulating configurations.
  • Parsed configurations use typed data (boolean, integer, floating point number string, list, section).
  • Schema definitions, allowing verification of the structure of loaded configuration data.
  • No use of global variables, allowing easy use in threaded programs (with the exception that if uselocale is not available, setlocale should not be called at the same time in another thread while reading or writing configuration data).


libt3config version 1.0.0 released

This release changes the internal type of integers to int64_t and adds access routines for int64_t. All old code will continue to work, as the existing routines remain in place.


libt3config version 0.2.11 released

This release contains no functional changes, and only changes the packaging. The package no longer contains pre-generated Doxygen documentation.


libt3config version 0.2.10 released

This release uses the password file entry for the home directory instead of the HOME environment variable to determine the location of the configuration file.



The documentation for libt3config can be generated using doxygen, using the doxygen.conf file in the source package. Documentation for the latest version can also be found here. It includes descriptions of both the syntax of configuration files and the API.


The source for libt3config is available here (signature). Older releases are available here. All releases are signed with the GPG key for (0x5A22F7B45F39DE51).

libt3config requires GNU libtool to be compiled.

Binary packages for libt3config are available from the Tilde repositories.

For converting a text file to a set of character constants for inclusion in a C source, this script may be useful. In libt3config, the file meta_schema.bytes is generated with this script from meta_schema.schema.


You can reach me at: libt3config @ REMOVE

Copyright Notice

Copyright © 2011-2015,2019 G.P. Halkes
libt3config is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3.