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The libt3highlight library provides functions for syntax-highlighting different types of text files. Its main design goal is an easily restartable syntax highlighting, suitable for use in interactive text editors.

To make the syntax highlighting restartable, libt3highlight uses a single integer start-of-line state. However, it does provide several advanced features, such as dynamic end-of-state patterns, which make it possible to highlight complex languages like Perl and Bash with high fidelity.


libt3highlight version 0.5.0 released

This release adds highlighting scopes, which provides the ability to use different rendering for included languages. For example, it allows using different rendering for keywords in CSS than for keywords in the HTML it is embedded in.


libt3highlight version 0.4.9 released

This release adds support for Markdown and fixes parsing of nested variable expansion in Perl.


libt3highlight version 0.4.8 released

These releases fixes incorrect calls to free when validation of highlight data failed.


libt3highlight version 0.4.7 released

This release adds back compilation with the old PCRE library, by simulating the PCRE2 API. This allows compilation on older systems that do not provide the PCRE2 library.



The documentation for libt3highlight can be generated using doxygen, using the doxygen.conf file in the source package. Documentation for the latest version can also be found here. It includes descriptions of both the syntax-highlighting files and the API.


The source for libt3highlight is available here (signature). Older releases are available here. All releases are signed with the GPG key for (0x5A22F7B45F39DE51).

libt3highlight requires GNU libtool, libpcre version 8.00 or later, and libt3config to be compiled. libt3highlight versions before 0.3.0 can be built with older libpcre verions.

Binary packages for libt3highlight are available from the Tilde repositories.


You can reach me at: libt3highlight @ REMOVE

Copyright Notice

Copyright © 2011-2019 G.P. Halkes
libt3highlight is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3.