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About termdebug

Termdebug is a set of utilities to record and replay the input and output of terminal programs. Its main goal is to aid in developing and debugging terminal programs. Other programs such as termrec/termplay, nethack-recorder/player and script/scriptreplay only record the output. However, when debugging an interactive terminal program, the input is often as important as the output.


termdebug version 2.2 released

This release fixes a bug in the configure script which prevented compiles with pthreads enabled.


termdebug version 2.1 released

This release fixes several minor bugs.


termdebug version 2.0 released

This release adds a visual compare mode, which can compare the output as it is displayed on the terminal, rather than a byte-by-byte output comparison. Furthermore, the tdcompare program is included which can compare two recordings off-line.



The source for termdebug is available here. Older releases are available here.


You can reach me at: termdebug @ REMOVE

Copyright Notice

Copyright © 2010,2012-2013 G.P. Halkes
termdebug is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3.