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About hgsftp

The hgsftp module is an extension for the Mercurial DVCS which allows it to access repositories through SFTP. To accomplish this, it uses the FUSE/SSHFS filesystem to mount the repository during actions which require remote access. It therefore only works on systems for which FUSE/SSHFS is available (which includes Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X). Future versions may allow use of other similar frameworks, such as puffs (NetBSD) and Dokan or WinFUSE (Windows).


hgsftp version 0.1.4 released

Ensure that the repository is always unmounted.


hgsftp version 0.1.3 released

Changed the way the URL and directories are passed to sshfs, to prevent possible problems when using URLs containing single quotes.


hgsftp version 0.1.2 released

Fixed bug in error reporting



hgsftp is available here. Older releases are available here.


You can reach me at: hgsftp @ REMOVE

Copyright Notice

Copyright © 2009-2011 G.P. Halkes
hgsftp is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3.