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Tilde Terminal Toolkit

About the Tilde Terminal Toolkit

The Tilde Terminal Toolkit is a set of libraries implementing different functionality, originally designed for the Tilde text editor. The toolkit consists of the following libraries:

  • libt3config A library for reading and writing configuration files.
  • libt3highlight A library for syntax highlighting different types of text files.
  • libt3key A library and database with escape sequence to key symbol mappings.
  • libt3unicode Deprecated A library for retrieving information about Unicode characters and manipulating Unicode strings.
  • libt3widget A library of widgets and dialogs to facilitate construction of easy-to-use terminal-based programs.
  • libt3window A library providing a windowing abstraction on terminals.


The different libraries in the Tilde Terminal Toolkit build on functionality provided by other libraries in the toolkit. The diagram below shows the dependencies of the libraries. The packages in dashed ellipses are other packages from this website, while packages in dotted ellipses are packages provided by third parties. A dashed arrow means an optional dependency.

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