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The Tilde Text Editor

About Tilde

Tilde is a text editor for the console/terminal, which provides an intuitive interface for people accustomed to GUI environments such as Gnome, KDE and Windows. For example, the short-cut to copy the current selection is Control-C, and to paste the previously copied text the short-cut Control-V can be used. As another example, the File menu can be accessed by pressing Meta-F.

However, being a terminal-based program there are limitations. Not all terminals provide sufficient information to the client programs to make Tilde behave in the most intuitive way. When this is the case, Tilde provides work-arounds which should be easy to work with.

The main audience for Tilde is users who normally work in GUI environments, but sometimes require an editor for a console/terminal environment. This may be because the computer in question is a server which does not provide a GUI, or is accessed remotely over SSH. Tilde allows these users to edit files without having to learn a completely new interface, such as vi or Emacs do. A result of this choice is that Tilde will not provide all the fancy features that Vim or Emacs provide, but only the most used features.


The repository key for binary releases has been updated

The repository key used for signing the binary releases on OBS has been updated. The update was necessary because the old key used a 1024 bits DSA key, while many distributions started requiring at least 2048 bit RSA kyes. This means you may get warnings about mismatched keys.


Tilde version 0.3.7 released

This release fixes several bugs which could lead to hard to reproduce crashes, typically on program close.


Tilde version 0.3.5 & 0.3.6 released

This release adds "toggle comment" functionality. Furthermore, several problems with syntax highlighting were fixed.


Copyright Notice

Copyright © 2011-2016 G.P. Halkes
Tilde is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3.